Communicating different priorities to achieve a shared goal

You can read our recent guest blog for the EventLAB series here.

Bringing business to pleasure

Last month we went left-field and delivered a workshop on negotiation at the National Wedding Show at London Excel. We don’t officially plan weddings, but we do know event management like the back of our hands so why not take our business know-how to happy couples? Given that we generally operate in an echo-chamber of... tell me more

Curating professional development

With employers looking to utilise their staff to their full potential and the job market being more competitive than ever, continuing professional development (CPD) is key to not only building a successful career, but also a more fulfilling one. In their recent article, Practically Perfect PA identified event management as one of the key hard... tell me more

The working woman – the everyday hero

International Women’s Day has to be the day to celebrate the working woman’s superhero cape.  It’s usually invisible, unless fashion allows anything like a poncho (all-round cape!) to land in our working wardrobe.  We’re punctual, we’re organised, we’re loyal, we work hard.  And we go the extra mile.   We might look like Clark Kent... tell me more

Put out the FYRE – raging success or raging inferno?

  A masterclass in what NOT to do ‘FYRE’ has become cult viewing on Netflix since its launch mid-January.  To every professional event manager it is 1.5 hours of toe curling excruciating misery.  And if you don’t have budget to pay BEYOND’s event management consultancy fees, I highly recommend this as a free masterclass in... tell me more


ROI has become a staple buzzword in the event industry.  Everyone uses it.  Everyone expects it.  But do you really understand what it means?  And how to get your hands on it?  The thing is it’s different for each event, which maybe is why a clear consistent meaning is so elusive.  But one thing’s for... tell me more

The ‘C’ word

It’s a ‘well known fact’ that your Christmas party is one of the best networking opportunities of the year: to thank your clients for their business and to encourage them to give you their business for the next 12 months. What a lovely thing to do;  to reward such loyal clients. And you do it... tell me more

Twogether we are stronger

Before setting up BEYOND, I worked as a Marketing Manager for a law firm. One gem has always stuck in my head from that role – not any ground-breaking nugget of marketing know-how – but my boss’s words “Two heads are worth more than double the power of one.” That, for me, meant a lot... tell me more

Keep calm and…….

For the second year in a row, Event Coordinator has been voted as the 5th most stressful job in 2017, only after, in order of most stressful: military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot and police officer ( I think it’s fair then to say that being an Event Coordinator is the most stressful of the ‘office’... tell me more

Breathe in…..and breathe out

It is no surprise that the word inspire is derived from the Latin word “inspirare” which means to breathe in. The past month our focus has been on getting the job done.  Due to issues outside ours and our client’s control, a large-scale project had to be put on hold for a month.  This meant that for the final month before going live all hands were on deck and with it, some serious hours of input.  On top of that came a 22 hour long journey and a week of on-site 24/7 style hours. After finishing the conference for Family for Every Child in Guatemala and before heading home I took a day to myself to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal.  The idea was to breathe, to relax, to take a day to take in some of the wonders of Guatemala before returning to more “getting the job done”.   I expected to be inspired by the size, history and by the unfathomable engineering feat of it. What I didn’t expect was to be inspired by the people who I visited it with.