Guatemala – go, but don’t pack your preconceptions

I am sitting in Guatemala’s ultra-modern Aurora airport after a site visit at Hotel Adriatika in Guatemala City for a global annual conference for FAMILY for Every Child, here in October. That brings our tally of countries we’ve worked in up to about 10, stretching from the Middle East through Europe over to the U.S.... tell me more

Advice? Take it from us

These days it’s all about maximum bang for minimum buck.  In the world of events, we understand that some companies cannot allocate a chunk of their event budget to an agency for project management.  But at the same time they need a professional event run by experts.  Catch 22?  No.   Use our knowledge and... tell me more

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

There’s been a growing trend in the past year for purging your possessions in search of a simpler, cleaner way of living. Spearheading this movement is Marie Kondo, who penned her first book detailing her own Konmari method of decluttering your life. In a world of consumerism, fast buys and cheap thrills (and frills), it... tell me more

Virtual Insanity

Jamiroquai was well ahead of his time, warning the world of the perils that new technologies can bring. Ok, ‘perils’ might be a bit strong, but you get my drift.   Virtual reality has really taken off within consumer tech this year. We have seen it go from cumbersome headsets connected to a myriad of... tell me more

Back to the Future

Anyone else getting the feeling of déjà vu?  Clinton is running for President, the Crystal Maze is on TV, Bross are touring and puffa jackets are back. It’s the 90’s! But it’s not. It’s 20 years into the future, but it seems not a lot has changed. Or has it changed so much that we’ve... tell me more

Minor (Corporate Social) Responsibility

As Christmas approaches, and individuals cram on to Oxford Street to make the most of the Black Friday sales, the corporate world turns its mind to charities which could benefit from corporate social responsibility programmes. BEYOND is (loud and) clear about where we are sending our donation this year – to the St Mary’s More... tell me more

What a difference a day with FAMILY makes

Whenever someone asks me what I do, the shortest answer is “corporate events”.  Our market has always been corporate.  Admittedly on our first flagship event we worked with Save the Children, producing official hospitality for a flamenco show at the Royal Albert Hall.  Despite a further smattering of charity and private events, the vast majority... tell me more

Be Like Bowie

It’s my first day back from maternity leave today (this is Alice speaking), having left last year after a mammoth event which took me up to the wire on my due date. I thought that event was the pinnacle of logistics, creativity and multi-tasking – then came motherhood!   With my return to work approaching... tell me more

New Year Resolutions – goals or limitations?

Ah, January, the time of year for new beginnings, quitting bad habits and tax returns. Whether you make resolutions or not, there’s no escaping the bombardment of the latest health fads, gym membership special offers, self help programmes, new hobbies and a collective desire to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And... tell me more

DIY Events

We have just had the best DIY Christmas gift ever to land on our doorstep. Forget Black & Decker, think instead of smooth dark chocolate brownies, home-made. But what makes it so much fun is that we do it ourselves – these are not little perfect squares served in a box, these are layers of... tell me more